Darren’s passion for photography started when he was 15 when he realised how much he loved and enjoyed the freedom and creativity of being behind the camera. He spent 16 years of his career as a food photographer at one of the UK’s leading food photographers, James Murphy Photography. In his spare time he started doing wedding photography and realised how important it was not just to capture those special moments but to create a story of the day and to show people in a natural and relaxed way and not just standing, posed in front of the camera.

Darren also specialises in children photography. After spending years casually photographing his nieces and nephews he discovered how interesting and relaxed children can be in front of a camera.

Darren believes one of his many strengths is that he makes people feel at ease infront of the camera. People have often said they didn’t realise he was there until they saw the proof in the photographs.

Darren lives in Surrey with his wife and 3 children. He travels throughout the UK and can be contacted through the website or on 07941 275531.